100 Best Residential Apartment Society in Noida

best apartment society in noida for families
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The families planning to move to Noida can rent or buy flats in apartment society. There are several apartment society in Noida which is best suited for families.

List of 100 Best Apartment Society in Noida

1. Jaypee Greens Kosmos,  Sector-134 Noida

2. Parx Laureate, Sector-108 Noida

3. ABA Cleo County, Sectoe- 121 Noida

4. Brahmaputra Apartments, Sector-29 Noida

5. Nilgiri Apartments, Sector-34 Noida

6. Max Antara, Sector-150 Noida

7. Lotus Panache, Sector-110 Noida

8. Alok Vihar 2, Sector-50 Noida

9. Gulshan Ikebana, Sector-143 Noida

10. RG Residency, Sector-120 Noida

11. Parsvnath Prestige, Sector-93 Noida

12. Mahagun modere, Sector-78 Noida

13. Purvanchal Royal Park, Sector-137 Noida

14. Prateek Stylome, Sector-45 Noida

15. ACE Golfshire, Sector-150 Noida

16. Himgiri Apartments, Sector-34 Noida

17. Great Value Sharanam, Sector-107 Noida

18. SDS NRI Residency, Sector-45 Noida

19. HCL Towers, Sector 62 Noida

20. ATS Pristine, Sector-150 Noida

21. Paras Tierea, Sector-137 Noida

22. Golf City, Sector-75 Noida

23. Ajnara Ambrosia, Sector-118 Noida

24. Purvanchal Silver City, Sector-93 Noida

25. Omaxe The Forest Spa, Sector-93 B Noida

26. Ajnara Le Garden, Noida Extension

27. ATS Le Grandiose, Sector-150 Noida

28. Lotus Boulevard, Sector-100 Noida

29. Mahagun Maple, Sector-50 Noida

30. Prateek Edifice, Sector-107 Noida

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31. Prateek Laurel, Sector-120 Noida

32. Exotica Dreamville, Noida Extension

33. Arun Vihar, Sector-29 Noida

34. The Hyde Park, Sector-78 Noida

35. Exotica Fresco, Sector-137 Noida

36. Ajnara Daffodil, Sector-137 Noida

37. The Golden Palm, Sector-168 Noida

38. Eldeco Sylvan View, Sector-93 Noida

39. Prateek Wisteria, Sector-77 Noida

40. Supertech Cape Town, Sector-74 Noida

41. Jaypee Greens The Pavillion Court, Sector-128 Noida

42. JM Aroma, Sector-75 Noida

43. Mansarovar Apartments, Sector-61 Noida

44. ATS One Hamlet, Sector-104 Noida

45. NDA Kanchanjunga Apartments, Sector-53 Noida

46. JM Orchid, Sector-76 Noida

47. Mahagun Mirabella, Sector-79 Noida

48. Shubhkamna Apartment, Sector-50 Noida

49. Jaypee Greens Wish Town Klassic, Sector-129 Noida

50. Elite Homz, Sector-77 Noida

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51. Sunworld Vanalika, Sector-107 Noida

52. Skytech Matrott, Sector-76 Noida

53. Aims Golf Avenue 2, Sector-75 Noida

54. Express Zenith, Sector-77 Noida

55. Eldeco Utopia, Sector-93 A  Noida

56. Supertech 34 Pavillion, Sector-34 Noida

57. Jaypee Greens Klassic Heights, Sector-134 Noida

58. Grand Omaxe, Sector-93 B Noida

59. Kendriya Vihar, Sector-51 Noida

60. Grand Ajnara Heritage, Sector-74 Noida

61. Civitech Sampriti, Sector-77 Noida

62. Mahagun Mezzaria, Sector-78 Noida

63. Logix Blossom County, Sector-137 Noida

64. Jaypee Klassic Shaurya, Sector-134 Noida

65. Rajat Vihar, Sector-62 Noida

66. Sikka Carmic Greens, Sector-78 Noida

67. ABA Cleo Gold, Sector-121 Noida

68. Amrapali Exotica, Sector-50 Noida

69. Jalvayu Vihar, Sector-25 Noida

70. Prateek Fedora, Sector-61 Noida

71. TGB Megdutam , Sector-50 Noida

72. Dasnac The Jewel of Noida, Sector-75 Noida

73. Tata Eureka Park, Sector-150 Noida

74. Pearl Gateway Towers, Sector-44 Noida

75. Kalpataru Vista, Sector-128 Noida

76. Omaxe Twin Towers, Sector-50 Noida

77. Amarpali Sapphaire, Sector-45 Noida

78. Gulshan Vivante, Sector-137 Noida

79. Gardenia Glory, Sector-46 Noida

80. Jaypee Greens Kensington Apartments, Sector-133 Noida

81. ATS Knightsbridge, Sector-124 Noida

82. Gardenia Grace, Sector-61 Noida

83. ABA Ivy County, Sector-75 Noida

84. Kailsh Dham Society, Sector-50 Noida

85. Gokuldham LIG Apartments, Sector-135 Noida

86. NTPC Housing Society, Sector-62 Noida

87. Meghdutam Socieety, Sector-50 Noida

88. BHEL Society, Phase 2 Sector-62 Noida

89. Golden Nest Society, Sector-62 Noida

90. Century Apartments, Sector-100 Noida

91. Pan Oasis, Sector-70 Noida

92. Sagar Presidency, Sector-50 Noida

93. Indian Oil Apartments, Sector-62 Noida

94. Panchvati Apartments, Sector-62 Noida

95. The Crescent, Sector-50 Noida

96. Palm Grove Apartments, Sector-50 Noida

97. Swagatam Apartments, Sector-62 Noida

98. Stellar Park Apartments, Phase 2 Sector-62 Noida

99. Jeevan Ashray Apartments, Phase 2 Sector-62 Noida

100. Trikuta Hills, Phase 2 Sector-62 Noida

101. Super MIG Express Vew Apartment, Sector-93 Noida

102. Gulmohar Garden, Sector-44 Noida

103. Gaur sports Wood, Sector-79 Noida

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