Best Tips to Organize Your Bedroom

tips to organize your bedroom
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Your bedroom is an extremely personal space and it must be a calming place where you can relax at the end of a busy day. We can accumulate a lot of personal items and some of them usually end up in our bedrooms. Since our day begins and ends in the bedroom, it should be stress-free heaven where we can rest and recharge ourselves.

6 smart ideas to organize your bedroom

1. Purging your wardrobe should be done every 6 months. This prevents your closet from getting a lot of clutter. My rule of thumb is if I haven’t worn a cloth for at least eight months to a year or that doesn’t fit me anymore then it’s time to get rid of it. Organize the dress that makes sense to you. Always use hangers for your clothes, your drawer should be neat and tidy. Drawer dividers are a good idea for small items like lingerie, belts, socks.


2. The area around your bed is unused. This area can be maximized especially if you have limited space in your home. The area under your bed is usually an underutilized space, this is an ideal storage area. Use cabbies or baskets to stash bed linens and blankets. 

3. Numerous shoes, scarves, belts, and other accessories can create a lot of clutter. To hang necklaces we can make a pretty pattern shelf and place hooks on it. Use an old elegant dish to keep my rings in use, a wire mesh to recognize both dangling and stud earrings, hang bangles and bracelets horizontally from rods and use elegant hooks to hang scarf and bags. Ties, hair ribbons, and other small items can be separated using honeycomb-style organizers found online or in major home stores. 

4. Vanity table is where we do our everyday beauty routine so it is a breeding ground for clutter. First of all, remove all the junk. I throw the product that I haven’t used for months. The more room we have the better compartmentalize everything. Trays or plastic bins will be the trick. We can also repurpose some containers or jars. Don’t stash away the products you use daily, just line them up on the table neatly. Keep perfumes and fragrances on display by using a cake stand or spice rack.

5. We don’t have to be stuck with shelves. There are other creative ways to store your items. I also use my unused throw pillows and extra blankets in a deep basket which can be positioned at the foot of my bed. Use a ladder shelf to put your shoes. We can even make it ourselves using pine wood planks, L-brackets, screws, and drill, add a hidden drawer to a floating shelf. We can easily add a secret floating shelf constructing it from scratch. 

6. Lastly, but not the least add some green plants a few real and few reels and also some lights so that your bedroom looks full of life and bright. Also, the color of your room plays a very important role in looking at a room organized.


Ok then! That’s all for now. These are the few tips to organize your bedroom that you can easily make into practice to have an organized bedroom. Thank you!

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