benefits of an internship

9 Cool Benefits of an Internship for Your Corporate Life

An internship is a program that is conducted officially by an employer of a particular company or an organization to any potential employee or a student or someone having a high potential to do that work. An internship is not only for the students or the employee of a particular company, but it is also for everyone who is capable of doing their work that is matching with the requirement of that particular internship.

best cafes in kolkata

The 10 Best Cafes in Kolkata to Treat Your Taste Bud

You can find a coffee shop for everyone in Kolkata. Whether you are looking for the best brew or the coziest space to curl up with your coffee, our list of the city’s finest coffee shops has got you covered. Let’s dig out more about the best cafes in Kolkata.

benefits of co-living | xobo

4 Top Benefits of Co-Living

The top benefit of co-living is considered by many is the community that they get. Anyone who has been on the road of solo for as little as a couple of months will tell you how difficult it can be to make any sort of relationship. Yes, you can find a co-working space or coffee shop with spotty WIFI. Sharing office space is different that building relationships and creating memories with your fellow co-living members.