The Speciality of Kolkata Biryani and Places to Taste it

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What is the story and speciality of Kolkata Biryani?! Several questions are there. Come, let’s listen to the story…

The city of Joy, The city of palaces, Kolkata.

Kolkata plays a very important role in the story of Biriyani. The old wall charm of this city takes you to a different realm, altogether.

Nawab Wajid Ali Shah kept the foundation of Biryani in this city. His grandson, the direct descendant of Wajid Ali Shah, Shehnshah Mirza Sahib, the great great grandson of The Wajid Ali Shah. 

Wajid Ali Shah landed in Calcutta on 13th May 1856. When he came to Calcutta, he came with about 500 people. There were musicians, chefs, his family members and people from different walks of life. And the Nawabs of Awadh and Wajid Ali Shah, in particular, were great conies of food. The appointment of chefs was considered to be a very important thing. These chefs were given a free hand to try and discover new dishes and invent new dishes and try various formulations and combinations. 

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As a part of the experiment, one of his chefs added potato to biryani and that biryani was served to Wajid Ali Shah. He tasted the Biryani, liked the taste and he said henceforth whenever you cook biryani for me, it must have potatoes.

There are many controversies regarding this, but whatever be it, we enjoy the ‘aalu’ of biryani.

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The speciality of Kolkata Biryani:

  1. Mutton, good quality of mutton
  2. Good quality of long grain basmati rice
  3. Aalu, biryani without aalu is unimaginable 
  4. Mustard oil
  5. Spices, less gravy, more essence, so spices with a lot of flavors are used

 Probably, in the last 10 years, biryani has come up to the Top 3. 

Be it the wedding of Bengali Hindus, be it Chinese weddings, Christian weddings- and the pride of the place is mutton biryani.


1. Royal Indian Hotel 

Is the biryani that Kolkata serves, of Royal Indian Hotel or Royal Indian Hotel serves the Kolkata Biryani?! is hard to decide.

Royal Indian Hotel is nearly 114 years old. The simple and sober interior design complements the rich quality of biryani. It is located in Bara Bazar Kolkata. There are several items in this restaurant. Unless you visit the place you won’t be able to understand the Maya of this biryani house

2. Aminia:

This restaurant is having many outlets all over Kolkata. They cater to a good quality of biryani in Kolkata. Amina’s biryani is lighter than others and also you can have chicken, mutton dishes by side. You won’t get any bloating effect after you have biriyani from Aminia. You can find restaurants in your nearby location from Google Maps.

3. Arsalan:

This serves as one of the best biryanis in Kolkata. The mouth-watering warm biriyani is just like heaven here. You can select varieties of biryani, Lucknow biryani, Hyderabadi biryani of your choice and pair it with delicious side dishes of chicken or mutton and ending with a dessert, phirni. They are also having several outlets, but the Park Street outlet is the most famous one. If you visit any of the outlets you’re gonna realize what Arsalan is and what has made it so famous. 

I hope this helps you to taste the Kolkata biryani! Have a good day ahead! 

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