Things to Know While Renting a Flat

things to know while renting a flat
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Each day thousands of students and millennials move to a new city. And if they can’t afford to buy an apartment, then the first thing they do is renting a flat or apartment.

If you are looking to find a rental apartment, at first it may seem a very simple task, but can be very tough if you don’t keep certain things in mind while renting a house. But do not worry, now Xobo Rooms is on a mission to make renting as easy and simple as booking a movie ticket online. We bring reality, virtually without compromising the quality of data through our transparent policy.

16 points you need to know before renting a house

1. Know the locality and society 

It is very important to know about the locality and society where you plan to rent a house. Some common points are:

  • Is there school, college, gym nearby ?
  • Is market close to the house ?
  • Is there a medical facility nearby ?
  • Is public transport easily accessible or not ?

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2. Facilities in societies

Renting a flat in society is a little bit more challenging than renting one in a builder floor. So always ask about these things-

  • Is security personnel available 24*7 ?
  • Is CCTV installed in the society ?
  • Is there any common gym and community hall ? 
  • Conditions for using the swimming pool if present there.

3. Rules & regulations of RWA & societies

There are certain rules and guidelines set by RWA and societies which is being followed by every resident of that society. So it is the tenants’ responsibility to know about all such rules through the landlord or from the RWA office.

4. Rent and how it increases

Generally rent is determined by the demand and supply of the flats in that particular area. Apart from this it also depends upon various factors such as location, age of property, facilities and amenities, furnishing state of the property.

When it comes to incrementing in rent, it is to be mutually decided by the landlord and tenant, the landlord can’t increase the rent without discussing the tenant.

The rent can only be legally increased when the landlord proposes a rent increase and the tenant agrees to pay or if it mentions in the rent agreement of a certain amount after a certain time.

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5. Basic amenities

What are the basic amenities provided by the landlord included in the rent? The landlords have to ensure that the basic amenities are available. Basic amenities include such as regular water supply, availability of electricity, cleanliness of common passage, parking, and area. If the water supply and electricity are disconnected by the authority for any reason like non-payment of dues then the tenant can seek help from police or residents’ welfare association for meditation.

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6. Maintenance charges

Point of annual and monthly maintenance charges and who would bear it should be mentioned in the tenancy agreement. Most of the disputes between owner and tenant are caused due to this. So, a tenant must be well-informed about the terms and conditions before renting the flat.

 Excluding the expense of normal wear and tear, it is primarily the responsibility of the landlord to bear the cost of repair and maintenance of the flat. For example, if a normal 5amp switch gets damaged then the tenant can easily afford but if the entire electrical wiring of the flat is to be repaired then it cost should be bear by the landlord.

7. Landlord interference

Once the deal gets final and you have got the house keys, the house belongs to you for the agreed period and the landlord cannot enter the flat without your consent, even it is something important.

The landlord can only access the flat on the mutual consent of both tenants and landlords.

8. Regarding pets & opposite gender rules 

things you need to know before renting a house
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If you are a pet lover, don’t risk not being able to bring your pet with you. Discuss with your landlord or property manager if they allow pets and your particular breed.

If you are a bachelor renting a flat and invites opposite gender friends at your place then you must discuss it before move in. Because in some cities of India the landlord don’t allow opposite gender guests.

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9. Inspect thoroughly

Inspect the status of the flat thoroughly such as 

  • All walls are clean and well-painted
  • All-electric boards are working properly
  • The flow of water in tap in bathroom and kitchen
  • If the white goods(fridge, washing machine, TV, Microwave, Dishwasher, RO, etc.) are included in the inventory then visually inspect them and report any defects as soon as you move in.

10. Advance deposit

Most landlords in India ask for one month’s rent in advance. Sometimes they seek the amount as high as six months to a year of rent.

When it comes to the deposit, the amount is also a landlord’s discretion and the local market practice. It also depends on the furnishing status of the flat. If it is an unfurnished flat, the landlord might demand only one month’s rent, but it might be higher for a furnished flat. Generally, the ask for an advance deposit to safeguard their interest if the tenant vacates the flat without giving any notice.

11. Know your landlord

It should be on top priority to know the landlord. The basic will also work.

  • Name
  • Mobile
  • Where he/she lives

In case anything goes wrong you can inform the landlord immediately.

12. Flat Documents 

Before taking any flat on rent of your choice through the broker or directly from the owner. The tenant must make sure the flat is free of any fraud or any issue. You can request a copy of documents such as transfer paper, registry, last paid electricity, and water bills. So that you won’t be in any sort of problem in the future.

13. New landlord

In case if you are renting a flat and after some time landlord decides to sell it. If you stay on as a tenant to the new owner. In such a case, the current rent agreement will continue and it will be assigned to the new landlord. And you don’t need to draft a new agreement. The new landlord has to honor the terms of the agreement between the old landlord and the tenant.

If the new owner wants the flat vacated, then the landlord has to give the tenant prior notice.

14. Terms of vacating the house

If there is a violation of the rental agreement or other guidelines, the tenants can be asked to vacate the flat, in this case, the landlord must give prior notice and present a valid reason for the vacating the flat. A notice of 15 – 30 days has to be given for termination of the agreement.

15. Lock-in period and its terms

The lock-in period (the minimum stay duration) should be mentioned in the draft agreement between tenant and landlord. Typically, this lock-in period is six months or one year. There are two clauses to the lookout-

A break Clause- means after the lock-in period or fixed term the agreement terminates itself

A Release Clause – It also a form of the break clause, but it is applicable when the tenant wants to vacate the flat within the lock-in period. In such cases, the tenant might have to pay a release fee for the rent agreement termination.

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16. Rent agreement

renting a flat or apartment

If you don’t want to get into any trouble and dispute in the future between you and your landlord then you must be careful while drafting a rent agreement. Below is some important point which must be included in it.

  • The names of the landlord and tenant(s) and the address of the property which is being leased.
  • Start and end date of the agreement
  • The amount of rent payable, and what will be the frequency.
  • Security deposit amount paid and how it will be returned to you when you vacate the house
  • Service/ maintenance charges whether it will be monthly or annually.
  • Responsibility for the payment of repair and maintenance.
  • The length of notice period for vacating the flat
  • Terms for agreement termination if any party want to terminate the contract in between
  • Clause of providing electricity, water, and power facilities.

Final words, hope you have got the enough idea about things to know while renting a flat. If you are looking to rent a flat in top cities of India, you can visit XoboRooms.

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